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The Math Mentors

Our instructors are more than just tutors, we are mentors dedicated to helping learners establish and achieve their goals.

We simplify difficult questions and teach our students how to solve problems more skillfully. With our help, students build confidence and become more engaged learners.

Our hope is that our tutoring services and courses reduce math anxiety and inspire students to enjoy continued learning.


Benefits of Tutoring

  • Improved Study Habits, Grades, Test Taking Skills

  • Boosted Confidence

  • Increased Academic Motivation

  • Personalized Learning 

  • Academic Accountability

  • Stimulated Curiosity

  • Strengthened Problem Solving Skills

  • Friendly Mentorship and Encouragement

  • Reduced Stress

  • Improved Family Relations



Math instruction is ever evolving. Keeping up with homework, projects, sports and extracurricular activities can be quite challenging. We are here to support your academic ambitions and encourage scholastic achievement.

How often do students meet with a tutor?

Most commonly, our students meet with a tutor for 1 hour per week either online using Google Meet or in person at our convenient, central location in downtown Lancaster City. 

Weekly one-on-one lessons with a tutor provide an individualized learning experience catered to their specific needs and added accountability. In the one-on-one setting, students are able to ask questions they may have felt timid to ask in front of their classmates. If there are questions that are better directed to the teacher, our mentors assist in contacting them through their school's online communication resources, such as Schoology and Google Classroom.

When seeking tutoring to prepare to an exam like the SAT, the frequency and length of each lesson may be greater in order to provide ample study time before the scheduled exam. In these cases, tutors work with families to create a sensible study schedule and plan of action.

We regularly update parents on students' progress and ask how we can continue to best serve their unique needs.