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Student Comments
Parent Comments

“I just really want to thank Othelia for all of her help and support with tutoring me. Since starting tutoring with Othelia, she has really helped me understand things that I never thought I was going to understand. She has made a big change in my grades. I went from averaging a D for all my classes to now having solid A’s! I couldn’t thank her enough. She really changed my life.”

- Anija, 8th grade

“Othelia is an awesome tutor and makes education a fun and great learning experience.

  • She makes math problems appear easier

  • Consistently looks for ways to improve our learning

  • Always enjoys seeing us

  • Helps visual learners

  • Makes us feel way more involved

Othelia has personally helped me to become an A and B student.”


- Ahleeyah, 9th grade


“My improved math skills with tutoring:

1. I understand a lot of concepts I didn't before.

2. I like math more than before.

3. I can keep up with me assignments.

4. I know much more about fractions and decimals.”

- Eli, 7th grade

"I like you way more than my math teacher."

- Lily, 2nd grade

"Peter continues to do an exceptional job of connecting with our daughter. His wonderful balance of patience and persistence creates an environment that revolves around a problem-based learning approach that focuses on using her strengths, to help overcome her weaknesses. Peter's knowledge of mathematical strategies is extensive, and my daughter really enjoys the time that she spends working with him."

- Elke, Gabrielle's mom

“Thanks for making math interesting for her. I'm glad we found you[, Othelia].”

- Zoe, Lily's mom

“Knowledgeable about her craft and really a student’s teacher. Highly recommended!”

- Vic, Yariel's dad

“My son's math skills have really improved over the past couple of months. His tutor is invested in his success and my son works very well with her even when he is struggling

- Maryanne, Jack and Jason's mom

“My wife and I were very pleased with Peter. He arrived promptly and listened to our daughter and maintained a professional yet inviting, considerate attitude that our daughter felt very comfortable with. We will definitely have him back.


- Jason, Mackenzie's dad

From the few sessions we have had, Peter seems to really be able to connect with my son on a different level, putting things in perspectives that he doesn't get in class. Peter is easy to talk to, willing to work around my schedule, and fit in our first session with very short notice. We have seen positive results already, and our son seems to have more enthusiasm for AP Calculus."

- Eric, student's dad


"Peter gave my son not just a superficial method of solving math problems, but a conceptual understanding of how to approach them logically. Because we didn't know at first where to turn, my son only had time for 4 lessons, but his Math SAT score was 60 points higher than his first one. Peter really goes all out in making both the student and parents feel comfortable with the tutoring process."

- Eric, student's dad

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