Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is available online, on-site, in-home, or at a public location, such as a library. The Math Mentors specializes in Elementary through High School Math and exam mentorship for standardized tests, including the SAT, ACT and GED.

It's never too late to learn math, we help students of all ages.

Most students receive ongoing private tutoring 1 hour per week to keep up with, retain and manage their schoolwork. In circumstances where a student needs more help, our mentors will work with parents to find a most effective schedule.

Students preparing for examination tend to meet and communicate with their tutor more frequently. Together they find a study schedule that allows for the test taker to be as prepared as possible on exam day

Course List




Writing(including Cursive)

Homework Help



Algebra I, II





AP Calculus AB/BC

College/Adult Learners

GED Prep

Basic College Math

College Algebra

Spanish 101, 102


Intro to Windows

Microsoft Word

Internet Navigation

Test Prep





College Entrance

Test Strategies

Midterms and Finals

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Math @ Home

Fall 2020

Mathematics lessons designed with home school families in mind. The Math Mentors now offers comprehensive math curriculum for families with students learning Arithmetic through Algebra and Geometry. This programs utilizes Khan Academy as a virtual classroom space. Email othelia@themathmentors.org to find out more about these courses.

SAT Tutoring

We provide all of the official SAT material you will need along with an organized study schedule, weekly assignments and proven test taking techniques.

Test Prep

Need to improve test scores? Do exams give you anxiety? Would you like to become a better test taker?

Let's improve your test taking techniques and help you to succeed.

With help from The Math Mentors you can feel more at ease and prepared while preparing to sit for an exam.

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Pricing & Packages

Getting a tutor is an investment in your child's future. We offer the support and expertise they deserve.

Mathematics Tutoring: $80 - $100 per hour (Depending on tutor and course level)

Cram Lesson (Same-day tutoring): $80- $125 per hour

Math @ Home (designed for Homeschool Families): $375/month. Includes 1 hour per week online with tutor, weekly homework assigned on Khan Academy and/or Google Classroom, regular academic updates for parents/guardians

Test Prep: Rates vary depending on exam

Private SAT Tutoring:  $450* for 4 weeks, $795* for 8 weeks - Includes weekly tutoring, on-demand tutor, homework and official College Board study materials (*These rates may vary depending on unique scheduling needs)

Group SAT Prep Course: $650- 17.5 hours of group lessons, homework, official study materials and mock exam

(depends of class availability & demand)

Sit for Mock Exam: $200

Lesson Packages: 5 lessons for $400 , 10 lessons for $700

Tutoring Subsidies

We strive to share our passion for learning and offer quality tutoring to as many students as possible. We understand that not all families are able to finance tutoring. We are now offering sliding scale pricing for families who qualify. Call us today for more info.