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Math @ Home

Fall 2020

Whether you have decided to school from home, chosen a cyber school alternative, or are heading back to the classroom, we can make this year of learning more fun and less stressful.

You have enough on your plate this year. Let us help your kids with math.

Read what our parents, guardians and students have to say about their experience with us on our Google Review Page.

Home School

For families who have been homeschooling a while now or who have chosen to begin this year as a result of the unprecedented times, we are here to help.

We offer comprehensive home school math packages that include

private weekly lessons with a skilled tutor, personalized homework on Khan Academy and Google Classroom, and regular updates and communication with parents. Math @ Home packages are suitable for students learning Arithmetic through Algebra and Geometry.

We are happy to have our lessons online or meet in-person at our Lancaster Country central location, 342 North Queen Street. We follow CDC guidelines in our office, ask that you enter with a mask and wash our hands together before beginning our lesson.

Personalized Home School Math packages start at $300/month.


Cyber, Virtual, and Hybrid School

This fall, many schools are offering virtual or hybrid alternatives to students. For many, this is uncharted territory. This year, we have to change how we think about a school day. There are new online tools to become familiar with and parents are have to take on a more involved role in students daily work.

The Math Mentors is prepared to assist students with any online resources their schools are using. We are here to support families. You don't have to feel alone.

We are more than just tutors. We are mentors. Our students confide in and listen to us.

Sometimes when the tension is high between student and parent, the best thing is for them to hear a fresh voice of someone who doesn't also tell them to get their chores done.

We are here to help get students organized and be a middle person between students and parents. Contact us today to see how we can help your family. 

Hourly lessons start at $60. 4 Lesson Packages for $224.

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