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We take the anxiety out of math and exchange it with curiosity, innovation and imagination.

Invite your children to make math fun. Often, people don’t understand the importance of math beyond taking exams, solving equations and the dreaded "word problems". The active use of mathematical reasoning is like having the problem-solving area of your brain do push-ups.


It is a highly useful workout for real-life situations, such as financial decision making, aesthetic artwork, travel, driving, electronic repair, self-reliance and so much more. When we know that learning math can be fun and useful, we enjoy it!

Mathemagics Virtual Summer Camp (5).png


Engaging lecture and fun conversation on enriched math topics.

$40 / Class 
$100/3 Classes 
$180/6 Classes
$35 / Class 
$90/3 Classes 
$150/6 Classes



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