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Choose which days of the week, the amount of lessons and which topic weeks your student(s) will attend. We take the anxiety out of math and exchange it with curiosity, innovation and imagination.

Invite your children to make math fun. Often, people don’t understand the importance of math beyond just solving equations and the dreaded "word problems". The active use of mathematical reasoning is like having the problem-solving area of your brain do push-ups.


It is a highly useful workout for real-life situations, such as financial decision making, aesthetic artwork, travel, driving, electronic repair, self-reliance and so much more. When we know that learning math can be fun and useful, we enjoy it!

Daily Agenda

Each week we introduce the topic and build on it from Tuesday through Thursday. We will begin our lessons by checking in with everyone on the call, ask how we are all feeling that morning, then go over our math challenge from the previous lesson. Next, we have about 20 minutes of lecture on the week’s topic and the days math level followed by some group problem solving. After that, we take a pause for everyone to answer a question on their own.


Once we’ve had a few minutes to think about it and write our answers, we rejoin and go over the problem together. We wrap up our time together with a math challenge to take with us and bring back the next time we meet.

Our math mentors look forward to you and students joining us for safe learning sharing with you why we love math so much. 

Special Pricing

We get it. Times are tough right now, and our children's education shouldn't suffer as a result of the pandemic. In response to this global phenomenon, we are offering this quality learning experience at an affordable cost.

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